An Archive More Important Than Life

– The Ringelblum Archive

The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute is actively supporting the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute (JHI) in its effort to create a permanent exhibition devoted to the Ringelblum Archive. This unique archive, which was created in secret in the Warsaw Ghetto to document every aspect of what was happening, is the only collection of documents of its kind.

The exhibition will present the archive in the very same building where Emanuel Ringelblum and his team, Oneg Shabbat, would meet. That building, which was once part of the Great Synagogue on Tłomackie Street, is one of the few buildings in Warsaw’s prewar Jewish neighborhood to survive the destruction of the ghetto. Since 1947, that building, which belongs to the Association, has housed the Jewish Historical Institute and the Ringelblum Archive. The Association is also leading the process to revitalize the main hall of this historic building.

In June, the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, with the support of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, announced a competition for the design of a permanent exhibition of the Ringelblum Archive based on the concept developed by Tomasz Pietrasiewicz. Twelve design teams were invited to compete, and ten of them took part. The jury, together with historians and exhibition specialists, selected the Fish ‘n’ Sheep studio of Aneta Faner and Piotr Duma because of the powerful symbolism and austere aesthetics of their design concept.

Construction works will begin in February 2017. Both, the exhibition and the renovated main hall of Tlomackie building will be open in November 2017.

This is our shared legacy, mission, and responsibility. Please join us

An Archive More Important Than Life

The Association’s Department of Development is raising funds for the production of the JHI’s permanent exhibition of the Ringelblum Archive and related publications and programs. This project will bring this unique treasure to the world. The archive itself will be available online. Travelling version of the exhibit will tour the world starting in 2018 with USA and Canada.

We believe that the Ringelblum Archive, a legacy of the Jewish people, is of great importance to all humanity. We have been introducing this project to our friends and supporters in the United States, Canada, and Poland.