Children & Youth Education

2016-12-10T00:26:18-05:00June 5th, 2016|News from Poland|


Enter POLIN Museum with a symbolic single złoty if you are a child, teen, or student between 7 and 26 years of age! Starting on June 1, POLIN Museum has been participating in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s nationwide campaign to increase access to cultural heritage for the young.



In July, POLIN Museum and March of the Living (MoL) organized Pay it Forward: POLIN Museum Educational Seminar to plan visits to POLIN Museum and its core exhibition for youth and adult MoL groups. MoL representatives from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom together with POLIN Museum educators, 26 participants in all, discussed their experience as educators and guides and prepared a framework for planning and evaluating MoL’s future visits. This seminar was supported by the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life and Culture, the William K. Bowes Jr. Foundation and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.



The second edition of POLIN Meeting Point: Summer Education School, which encourages intercultural dialogue, took place in July. University students from Poland, Germany, and Israel explored the history of the immediate postwar period from a comparative perspective. Distinguished scholars from Poland, Germany, and Israel lectured on postwar reconstruction, the emergence of new postwar identities in Poland and Germany, and the construction of Israeli statehood. We extend our warmest appreciation to the Nissenbaum Family Foundation, for their support of this program.



The 11th edition of the Polish-Israeli Youth Exchange (PIYE) will take place in September. Seven students from Poland and seven from Israel will get to know each other in workshops, field trips, and projects that explore contemporary Polish-Jewish relations and shared aspects of their histories. Tomek Ulatowski and Ygal Ozechov founded this program over a decade ago and have supported it ever since.



Who knows How Sabbath smells? or wants to play with the letters ABC, alef bet, alef beys…? Our youngest visitors are familiar with both, thanks to At King Matt’s, the colorful space created specially for them. Children explore the world of Jewish culture, tradition, and history in workshops on Jewish holidays and cooking and during meetings with interesting guests, theatrical and musical performances, and film screenings. Almost 3,500 guests visited King Matt’s since its opening in 2016.