12:00 am 12/20/19

Karolina Jakowenko with 2 month old Jakub at the opening of the Carol Englynder and Daniel Libeskind exhibition held outside of the former Auschwitz concentration camp, Oswiecim, Poland, July 1, 2019.

2019-12-20T00:53:58-05:00December 20th, 2019|Life in Poland, Photo Fridays with Chuck Fishman|

12:00 am 12/13/19

Following a memorial service in the once Jewish cemetery of Szczucyn, where 600 Jews were killed in a 1941 pogrom, Gennady Levin, musician of the Shomer-International Association for Judeo-Christian dialogue, plays saxophone while service participants walk further into the former cemetery where a local man had recently made his own makeshift memorial of gathered broken tombstones (matzevot). Szczucyn, Poland, July 10, 2019.

2019-12-13T20:57:01-05:00December 13th, 2019|Life in Poland, Photo Fridays with Chuck Fishman, POLIN Museum|