Association’s Growing Circle of Donors

2017-03-17T22:54:34-04:00August 20th, 2016|News from Poland, News from the US|

The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland reported on its global outreach efforts at the July meeting of the Donors’ Council. Last fall the Association reached out to Australia. This fall they will be holding events and meetings in Toronto and New York.

Thanks to the Association’s promotional activities in Poland and abroad, the international circle of donors is growing. We are happy to welcome new supporters from Australia, Canada, United States, and Poland.

Donors from Canada who will support the Ringelblum Archive project include The Azrieli Foundation and Heather Reisman. Also individual donors from Poland are joining.

The Victor Smorgon Charitable Fund in Australia has approved a grant for the development of Polish Jews in the World, an epilogue to thousand-year history of Polish Jews in circulation space at the heart of the core exhibition.

New donors in the United States include the Greenberg Family Foundation, which is supporting an annual Greenberg Family International Internship Program over a period of five years. A grant from Phyllis Cook will support the preparation of an Educational Toolkit for North American educators. The Sills Family is making a five-year annual donation in support of Museum programs. We also received a donation from Mr. Joseph Moinian for the Museum activities and programs.

The Association of the JHI continues to support POLIN Museum and the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute. To that end, the Association is increasing awareness and interest in the heritage of Polish Jews internationally, forming new networks and contacts abroad, and raising funds for new projects. AJHI emissaries are Professor Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, advisor to POLIN Museum’s director and a member of the Association’s management board, and Marta Wrobel, the Association’s Director of Development.

In search of new opportunities

In October and November 2015, Barbara and Marta visited Melbourne and Sydney. It was the first official visit to promote the Association and POLIN Museum in Australia. The intense schedule included 35 meetings with potential donors and key leaders of the Jewish community, 9 public lectures and presentations, and several press and radio interviews.

In April 2016, Barbara and Marta visited the USA and Canada for three weeks. Their program included more than 40 meetings with existing and potential donors and lectures on POLIN Museum in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Toronto. Their major goal was to promote the programs and special projects of POLIN Museum and the Jewish Historical Institute.