Project Description

“During the Second World War, Jewish partisans sang a song which later became the anthem of the underground movement. Its final words were: MIR ZENEN DO. WE ARE HERE! Now that this museum has been built, I, a member of the Jewish community in Poland, can today also repeat with them: MIR ZENEN DO. WE ARE HERE! (…)
My Father, my Brother, you who died in the gas chambers — I, who survived Auschwitz, wich to tell your shades, and the shades of those murdered like you, MIR ZENEN DO. WE ARE HERE! (…)
Today, when I say MIR ZENEN DO. WE ARE HERE — I am totally convinced,  am certain that I will hear the response of many wonderful people: We are here with you, We are with you all. This also, and perhaps this above all, symbolizes the Museum which we are opening.”

Marian Turski, Co-Chairman of the Association of Jewish Historical Institute


Thousands of visitors from all over the world took part in the three-day Grand Opening of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in October 2014.

The first day of the opening was attended by representatives of Poland’s Jewish community and Jews from around the world. The following day was dedicated to donors who had taken part in POLIN Museum’s founding campaign. In the evening, a gala concert took place at the Grand Theater — National Opera.

The official opening ceremony took place on October 28th; it was attended by the presidents of Poland and Israel, delegations from the United States, Canada, Germany and Norway, and several thousand invited guests.

The music concerts during the Grand Opening Performance were watched live by 2,300 spectators gathered on the Willy Brandt square, and by more than 25,000 spectators over the Internet.