original link: http://polandin.com/45465500/exhibition-on-lados-group-to-open-in-basel

The exhibition is titled “Passports, Profiteers, Police: A Swiss War Secret”. It will open on November 29.

The Ładoś Group participated in forging passports of Latin American countries, which were then given to some eight to ten thousand Jews during World War II. Although Switzerland did not allow foreign Embassies to use radio stations, the group used diplomatic codes to broadcast illegally, thus keeping the free world informed about the ongoing Holocaust.

Headed by Aleksander Ładoś, Poland’s ambassador to Switzerland during the war, the group comprised of Polish diplomats and Jewish activists: Aleksander Ładoś, Abraham Silberschein, Konstanty Rokicki, Chaim Yisroel Eiss, Stefan Ryniewicz, and Juliusz Kühl.