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International award-winning photographer Chuck Fishman has been involved in Polish Jewish life for more than 40 years. His first monograph, Polish Jews: The Final Chapter, was published in 1977 in the United States. His photographs have appeared on the covers of Time, Life, Fortune, Newsweek, The London Sunday Times and The Economist. His work is included in the collections of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery; the United Nations; POLIN: The Museum of the History of Polish Jews; and The Studio Museum in Harlem. He has earned prestigious World Press Photo Foundation medals four times. We are thrilled and honored to be able to present each week one of Chuck’s iconic photos of Polish Jewish life.

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12:00 am 03/06/20

Born Polish and Jewish as Mieczysław Biegun in Brest-Litovsk, then part of the Russian Empire (formerly Poland, today Brest, Belarus), Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin (1913-1992), seated center, partaking in the reading of the megilla at the home of Israeli Ambassador to the United States Simcha Dinitz during Purim, Washington DC, March 1978.

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12:00 am 02/28/20

Patrons with a waiter at the Jewish kitsch restaurant “Mandragora”, where the menu is all classic Jewish food, the non-Jewish waitstaff dress in an orthodox Jewish manner and wall art is orthodox Jewish themed, Lublin, Poland, July 2019

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