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5 Reasons Why “Daf Yomi” Electrifies the Jewish World

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5 Reasons Why “Daf Yomi” Electrifies the Jewish World

Jan 5, 2020  |  by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

A quarter-million people celebrate Siyum Hashas – completing the 7-year daily Talmud study cycle.

In every corner of the globe, Jews are energized by Daf Yomi, the program to study the Talmud’s 2,711 double-sided pages in 2,711 days.

From a few hundred participants 50 years ago, Daf Yomi has exploded and on January 1, 2020, one of the largest gathering [read more…]

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The Union of Jewish Communities of Poland Warsaw, December 31, 2019

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The Union of Jewish Communities of Poland
Warsaw, December 31, 2019

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has recently made a number of outrageous statements on the onset of World War II and Poland’s role in it. Particularly scandalous for us Jews is Putin’s manipulation of the note made by the Polish ambassador in Berlin Józef Lipski on his meeting with Adolf Hitler in 1938.

One should not forget that Poland supported the emigration of its 10% Jewish minority. But it did so in part in coordination with [read more…]

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JDC kindles Hanukkah light and festivities in cities and towns around the world

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Original link: https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/jns/jdc-kindles-hanukkah-light-and-festivities-in-cities-and-towns/article_444d62c7-c0b5-5e6a-a295-88239ad98f7d.html

Tens of thousands of people from Jewish communities worldwide will come together to celebrate Hanukkah at numerous events sponsored by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Center (JDC). From Moldova to Morocco, Jews from emerging, established and ancient communities will partake in concerts, cooking workshops, cultural performances and volunteer opportunities for the elderly and for those in need.

“There is perhaps no greater way to mark Hanukkah—and the ongoing resilience of the Jewish people in the face of challenges like rising [read more…]

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Pittsburgh Jews exploring partnership with Polish counterparts

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Original Link: https://www.post-gazette.com/news/faith-religion/2019/12/15/Pittsburgh-Jews-exploring-partnership-Polish-counterparts/stories/201912120169

Growing up in communist-era Poland, Leslaw Piszewski had only vague hints about his background. As a young man, he pressed his father to tell him more.

Only then did he learn the full story that his father was Jewish, had survived the Holocaust in hiding and had been reluctant to reveal his identity even to his children in an era when communists had suppressed Judaism and had pressured many Jews to leave the country.

The revelations prompted Mr. Piszewski on a journey of return [read more…]