3:01 am 11/27/19

Exhibition on Ładoś group to open in Basel. Exhibition on Ładoś group, a group of Polish diplomats who rescued Jews during WWII, will open in the Jewish Museum in Basel

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original link: http://polandin.com/45465500/exhibition-on-lados-group-to-open-in-basel

The exhibition is titled “Passports, Profiteers, Police: A Swiss War Secret”. It will open on November 29.

The Ładoś Group participated in forging passports of Latin American countries, which were then given to some eight to ten thousand Jews during World War II. Although Switzerland did not allow foreign Embassies to use radio stations, the group used diplomatic codes to broadcast illegally, thus keeping the free world informed about the ongoing Holocaust.

Headed by Aleksander Ładoś, Poland’s ambassador to Switzerland during the […]

1:29 am 08/30/19

Azrieli Foundation Celebrates Azrieli Music Prize Winners With European Debuts In Warsaw

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original link: http://www.broadwayworld.com/poland/article/Azrieli-Foundation-Celebrates-Azrieli-Music-Prize-Winners-With-European-Debuts-In-Warsaw-20190827

The famed Sinfonia Varsovia perform the European debuts of works by 2018 Azrieli Music Prize-winners Kelly-Marie Murphy and Avner Dorman on September 15 at POLIN – The Museum of the History of Polish Jews – as part of the composers’ prize package. Established in 2014 by the Azrieli Foundation, the Azrieli Music Prizes offer opportunities for the discovery, creation, performance and celebration of excellence in music composition.

Celebrated violinist Lara St. John joins the Sinfonia Varsovia in Avner Dorman’s Nigunim for Violin and […]

8:02 pm 02/05/19

Rabbi Schudrich’s speech in Abu Dhabi at the Global Conference of Human Fraternity marking the first visit by a Pope in the region.

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“Hine mah tov umanim shevet achim gam yachad.”

Psalms 133: 1 How wonderful it is when brothers are sitting together.

We all have a common Father. We, as humans, lack the ability to truly understand how to relate to God, to speak to God, to connect to God. So we are only left to try to communicate with God in our normal human way as if we were speaking to another person. When is a parent the happiest? When his or […]

11:52 pm 10/27/18

Statement, Rabbi Michael Schudrich Chief Rabbi of Poland

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“On Sunday October 28 at 5:30 p.m. we will have a memorial service for the Jews massacred in Pittsburgh. Our hearts are broken and our prayers are with the Pittsburgh Jewish community. This must reinvigorate all of us to fight anti-semitism and racism wherever it may be. 100% for tolerance. 0% tolerance for hatred.”

Rabbi Michael Schudrich
Chief Rabbi of Poland

10:38 pm 09/14/18

40-Lecie Wyboru Karola Wojtyły Na Urząd Papieski-October 14th

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40-Lecie Wyboru Karola Wojtyły Na Urząd Papieski.

Public. Hosted by Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Kulturalnych Trzcina

For more details and to RSVP–

17 października (środa) godz. 18.00


Warszawskie Centrum Innowacji Edukacyjno-Społecznych i Szkoleń

LOGTV Films Polska

Kino Atlantic


Entropia Słowa

zapraszają na spotkanie z cyklu



Walentynowicz / Wałęsa 

1980 / 2018

Grünberg / Fishman 


17 października będziemy gościć w Polsce naszego przyjaciela, amerykańskiego fotografika Chucka Fishmana, który jest autorem unikatowych zdjęć z Lechem Wałęsą z okresu rodzenia się ruchu „Solidarność”. Wśród licznych historycznych fotografii są również te pokazujące Lecha Wałęsę prywatnie w domu. Ze względu na […]