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Children playing with lulav and esrog during sukkot in the Nozyk Synagogue sukkah. Warsaw, Poland. Sept. 2013.

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Polish Jews 2014 Brit Milah (Bris) of 8-day-old Aaron Yosef Kowalski at the Isaac Synagogue in Krakow, Poland. The Isaac Synagogue was built in 1644. July 2014.

Sugihara House: Where a Japanese government official issued transit visas to Jews fleeing from Nazi-occupied Poland.

original link: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/sugihara-house

In an unassuming Art Deco house in Lithuania’s second-largest city, visitors can learn the extraordinary story of Chiune Sugihara, the only Japanese national to be included in the Righteous Among the Nations (the list of gentiles who risked their lives to help Jews during World War II compiled by Yad Vashem). Before the war, this building hosted the Japanese consulate in Kaunas, which was at that time the provisional capital of Lithuania. In […]

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A Message for the Jewish New Year from Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich

Welcome 5780!!

It is sometimes challenging for us to realize that we are living in the best time to be Jewish in the last 2000 years. 71 years ago we regained our land of Israel. 30 years ago, we Eastern European Jews regained its freedom. There are almost no Jews today who live in a country where it is forbidden or almost forbidden to practice Judaism. Simply put, the best time for Jews in 2,000 years.

So we have the best of […]

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Resolution of American Friends of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. 

The Board of Directors of the American Friends of POLIN Museum of the History of
Polish Jews foundation is deeply concerned by the long delay in appointing Prof. Dariusz
Stola as Director of POLIN Museum since he won the competition for the position in
May 2019. The three founders of POLIN Museum – the Ministry of Culture and National
Heritage City of Warsaw and Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland –
agreed to an open competition for the position, and the Minister of […]

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