Welcome 5780!!

It is sometimes challenging for us to realize that we are living in the best time to be Jewish in the last 2000 years. 71 years ago we regained our land of Israel. 30 years ago, we Eastern European Jews regained its freedom. There are almost no Jews today who live in a country where it is forbidden or almost forbidden to practice Judaism. Simply put, the best time for Jews in 2,000 years.

So we have the best of times and yet challenging times.

DT 12:10 “(and God) will grant you safety from all your enemies around you and you shall live in security”.

The question is asked: if we live in safety then why do we need security. The Galey Zahav explains that the phrase “you shall live in security” will lead you to have safety.

And what leads us to living in security?

When we Jews stop fighting each other, just undermining each other, hurting each, we will then have safety and that safety, that unity, will give us the ability to deal with our enemies.

In the time of uncertainty as we have now, the top priority is Jewish unity. Our energy and prayers this Rosh Hashanah must be dedicated and focused on Jewish unity. When we strive for our common good, our enemies have no power over us. We can change the world when we are ready no longer to fight against each other but to fight for each other.