This is an online version of the Museum Donors Wall, which gives recognition to major donors to the capital campaign.

The North American Council would also like to thank:

Lewis Family Trust, Leon Taubenblatt, Richard & Alicia Weinsberg, Severyn Ashkenazy,  Crown Family Foundation, Lisa & Bernard Fisch, The David M. Milch Foundation, Inc., Wolfe Rudman, Stanley Raiff & Howard Coron, Marlene Yahalom, Steve Solender, Arthur & Diane Stupay, David & Sylvia Steiner, Robert Billingsley, Diane Fink, Gargoyle Asset Management LLC, Peter Johnson, Sr.,Daniel Milikowsky, Muirfield Capital Management, Renata Selig & Dorian Bowman, Monica & Philip Rosenthal, Voyager Technologies, Ronald & Anita Wornick, Lea Sigiel Wolinetz & Alan Wolinetz, Jeffrey Kraines & Linda Kaplan, Vera & Ary Zolberg, Martin I. Bresler,  Joshua S. Parkhurst, Donald Snyder,Eli Zborowski & Dr. Elisabeth Mundlak, Mike Gantcher.

… and all other donors who continue to support us. 

For donor related inquiries please email us at: