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Opinion Israel, It’s Time to Call Off the anti-Polish Hunt: If there is a guilty side regarding the lie of the annihilation by gas in the Warsaw concentration camp – it’s Wikipedia, not Poland

Original link: www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-israel-it-s-time-to-call-off-the-anti-polish-hunt-1.7995017

To understand the duality with which the Israeli public treats Poland, a highly experienced expert in psychohistory needs to be called in. On the one hand, Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz utters tasteless remarks (about the Poles, anti-Semitism and mother’s milk) and almost causes formal relations between the two countries to be severed, with the president of Poland refusing to meet with Israeli leaders until Katz apologizes. In addition, Haaretz and other media outlets frequently publish […]

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Polish Jews 2014 Jerzy Kichler, 66, at the White Stork Synagogue in Wroclaw. Kichler was both president of Wroclaw’s Jewish Community and President of the Union of Religious Jewish Communities in Poland and was involved in the renovation of the synagogue. June 2014.

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Polish students clean up local Jewish cemetery in Zalewo Activists take care of site in north of country, which was home two some dozen Jewish families before World War II

WARSAW, Poland — Students of a school in northern Poland cleaned up the local Jewish cemetery and learned to read the Hebrew inscriptions on the gravestones.

The students in Zalewo were joined in the task by their teachers and a priest.

Before World War II, the town of Zalewo was located in Germany. A dozen or so Jewish families lived there. During the war the town was almost completely destroyed. A Jewish cemetery with some tombstones survived. Today, some 3,000 people live […]

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